Question Over Love

Question Over Love

Today again
A Rose has been taken away
From its root
In your name, in my name!

Has been shattered
In numbers
The beautiful souls of earth
In the name of lovers-
Like you and me!

Love is seeking
Beauty in the body
Love is looking for gentleness
In clothing
A colorful business of Love
Has been running
Throughout the market.

I am questioning myself
Why is LOVE RED?

I don’t know
When LOVE jumped from soul
And settled in the petals of Rose?
I don’t know
When LOVE separated from heart
And settled in the color of rose?

Why LOVE does not live in eye
As Beautifully as Rose?
Why LOVE does not live in heart
As sweet as Rose?

Who ‘marketed’ LOVE?
Who ‘personified’ LOVE?
Why is someone shaming LOVE?

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