Pushpa Khanal, originally from a remote village in eastern Nepal, was raised by her parents, Damanta Khanal and Ambika Prasad Khanal. Despite facing challenges, her mother’s courageous decision to send her to school laid the foundation for her education.

During her childhood, Pushpa displayed some stubbornness but successfully completed her school-level education in both her village and the neighboring village. These formative years set the stage for her future endeavors.

At the age of 18, Pushpa began her career as a receptionist at a travel agency. Through hard work, she quickly advanced to the position of an officer. Seeking to broaden her skills, she underwent journalism training and transitioned to Nepal Television, where she dedicated a year and a half to her role.

After her time in broadcasting, Pushpa joined the Humanitarian Organization – Nepal Red Cross Society, where she served in various departments and assumed different roles over 18 years. Eventually, after careful consideration, she decided to resign from her long-standing position, marking a new chapter in her professional journey.